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Corporate Services

1) Tours
Glenturret DistilleryDistillery Destinations Ltd. tours are available for corporate use whether incentives for employees; team -building or other meetings; client entertaining or to attract new prospects. These trips can be tailored to suit your requirements in terms of budgets and duration. We also provide "whisky away days" of one or two days in length for conference groups needing time out from the heavier business. These can be in any part of Scotland you choose, where we can imbue your group with the whisky spirit - and not just literally! We've helped corporate clients from as far away as Moscow to appreciate the finer points of Scotch - and have a good time doing it.

Our accommodations are usually a minimum three star and are frequently chosen for their good cooking and commitment to using Scottish produce, particularly beef, lamb and fish. Restaurants we book or recommend are of top quality either by reliable recommendation or personal experience.

Glen HouseDistillery Destinations has exclusive access to a Highland distillery with accommodation which can be used for client entertaining or senior management meetings - facilities and equipment are available. Less than an hour from Aberdeen airport, your group can enjoy good, home cooked food with fine wines and excellent whiskies in a tranquil, glen setting. A tutored whisky tasting can add to the enjoyment.

2) Tastings
Please see the Tastings page.

3) Corporate Whiskies
A service we offer to companies or organisations is help in acquiring a corporate whisky. You can use this for gifts or for sale to company members. Give us a brief and budget and we will acquire samples and make recommendations for you, then assist with packaging development and copywriting. Please note that overseas organisations will need to check on their own law regarding whisky importation.

Fill in the Contact Us form to give us details of your needs or e-mail on info@whisky-tours.com or call ++(0) 141 429 0762 or ++ (0)1531 670333.

N.B. Our Terms & Conditions can be read or printed so you are aware of all necessary information. We can assist with companies who will import for you.

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